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The Wool Channel

Welcome to a new publication and growing community dedicated to wool.

The Wool Channel (TWC) is a member-supported classroom, playground, and rocket ship—and we're preparing for liftoff.

Whether you're just looking or hungry to go deeper, TWC is for you—from a fun, free weekly email newsletter to a joyfully geeky paid membership program with more content, monthly parties, and access to the world's greatest community ever. We're building a strong, informed, passionate network of consumers who can advocate for wool in the world.

Tell me more about how TWC works?

TWC has two parts: a public side and a private side. The latter fuels what the rest of the world gets to see.

The public-facing part of TWC is a fun, free email newsletter highlighting cool, beautiful, creative things being made with wool, whether it's shoes or surfboards, lip balm or lounging pants, compost or coffins. It's a quick and easy read, designed to be enjoyed in three minutes or less. If you're new to wool or not ready to commit, this is a great place to start.

The private-facing part is the paid membership program. In keeping with our wooly theme, I've called this group the Foundation Flock. It fuels everything that happens on TWC, public or private.

In addition to the weekly emails, Foundation Flock members also enjoy

  • monthly deep dives on geekier wool subjects. Things like transhumance, sheep and regenerative agriculture, how wool is recycled, what the standard deviation and coefficient of variation have to do with what we experience as "itch," or why tossing your sweater into a snow pile will actually get it clean. You'll have tons of impressive new factoids to talk about at parties, when parties ever happen again.

But wait, there's more.

  • At the end of each month, members join me for a livestream Flock Talk Q&A party in which I A their Qs and we plot our course for the coming month. And last but certainly not least, members get a golden key to our members-only playground, wool resource guide, and networking tool: TWC Community. It even has an iOS app—how cool is that?

No matter where you are on your wool journey, TWC has a place for you. We're headed deep into Wooltopia, and I'd love to have you on board. Let's learn, celebrate, help spread the good word, and elevate wool to its rightful place in our global conversation.

Get more. Learn more. Join The Wool Channel.