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The Wool Channel

Hello! I'm Clara Parkes. Welcome to my wool playground.

The Wool Channel is a platform, publication, and community dedicated to the extraordinary world of wool.  It is supported entirely by members. No advertising, no algorithms, no potential conflict of interest.

Join The Wool Channel and become part of an informed, passionate, and powerful network of consumers who can advocate for wool in the world. We also have a lot of fun.

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Can Wool Ease Pain?

Some of us are already true believers. But I've recently discovered—thanks to Foundation Flocker and longtime friend Sue—that not one but two scientific studies offer compelling evidence that wool clothing and bedding can make our bodies feel better.The first study focused on the effect of wool underwear

Can Wool Ease Pain?
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Words in Wool: The Secret Story behind the Common Starling

Photo by Simerpreet Cheema / UnsplashToday I bring you a word in wool that's also a valuable bit of bird trivia. Our subject is the European Starling, also known as the Common Starling or the Sturnus vulgaris, tauricus, zetlandicus, faroensis, poltaratskyi, porphyronotus, and a handful of other subspecies, none of which

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Sheep Dreams

Counting sheep can help us fall asleep. But being wrapped up in wool is the magic key to falling and staying asleep. I'm talking about wool bedding. And yes, this even in the summer. The secret is wool's ability to regulate body heat and transfer moisture away from the body.

Sheep Dreams