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Ten Balm Books

Clara Parkes
Clara Parkes
1 min read
Ten Balm Books

Hello, my dearest wool people!

A very big thanks to those of you who took the time to record your sheep stories and send them to me. This special Voices in Wool episode in which shepherds tell us about their favorite sheep is shaping up to be truly extraordinary. There's still time to share your story! Shepherdesses and shepherds, don't be shy. Details here.

Hitting the Books

This week, we're jumping the wool fence to talk about that broader category of books that offer a balm in challenging times. I've put together my list of ten beautifully written, thought-provoking books about sheep, land stewardship, nature, the seasons, textiles, and the very nature of human existence.

Browse the List

See the whole list here.

If possible, seek out these books at your local bookseller. The links in my list take you to, a benefit corporation that gives away over 75% of its profit margin to independent bookstores, publications, authors, and others "who make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books." Best of all, none of your money will fund rocket rides for billionaires.

Disclosure: The Wool Channel earns a small affiliate fee for any books purchased through the links on the Balm Books page. While that fee is not enough to sway my editorial judgment in terms of what I recommend, I did want to disclose it.

And finally: Foundation Flockers, mark your calendars! We're celebrating the New Year one night early. Join me on December 30th at 7pm Eastern for our December Flock Talk livestream. As always, you'll get the link in your inbox earlier that week.


Clara Parkes

Wool is life. I make The Wool Channel go.