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The Wool Wire | May 4, 2022

Featuring a report on sustainability, proposed legislation, a college course, a Kickstarter, and the Navajo Churro

Clara Parkes
Clara Parkes
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The Wool Wire | May 4, 2022
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

News snippets from the wool world

Apparel Insider releases an industry briefing on Wool, Fashion and Sustainability

"Is wool a sustainable fiber and how does it compare with other textile fibers?

Apparel Insider tackles these questions from several angles. They review critiques of wool, how wool fits into regenerative agriculture, and wool’s impact on microfiber pollution and biodegradability.

While wool is only a small percentage of the global fiber market, it has much greater potential when evaluated on important factors like biodegradability, longevity, and recycling..."

The New York Textile Act seeks to support the state’s textile industry

"Industry trends show an increasing demand for ‘sustainably produced’ garments made from fiber of sheep, goats and alpaca, or grown from plants such as flax and hemp.

The legislation would open state economic development incentives and state Department of Agriculture marketing and technical assistance programs to the textile industry, with a goal of attracting textile production and manufacturing operations to the Hudson Valley and lower Adirondacks, which, in turn, would increase demand for locally raised or grown fiber..."

Norn Sisters Woolen Mill launches a Kickstarter to expand their mill operations

An Artisan Woolen Mill to Support American Shepherds
Help us produce yarn & revitalize the American wool industry through the expansion of our mill in Northfield, Minnesota.

Honoring the Navajo Churro in the Christian Science Monitor

Reviving Navajo identity, one sheep at a time
Sheep are on the rebound in Navajo Nation, reconnecting the Navajo people to their heritage and identity – and signaling hope and resilience on the reservation.

Sheep to Shawl course at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine

Sheep to Shawl
Sheep play profoundly important roles in human societies. This course is a human ecological exploration of sheep and wool, combined with a hands-on compon...

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