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Crazy for Cozies

Clara Parkes
Clara Parkes
2 min read
Crazy for Cozies

Seeing diver Tom Daley knit a cozy for his freshly minted Olympic medal reminded me just how much joy can be had from wrapping your precious belongings in wool. While I don't use cozies for my Olympic medals (primarily because I haven't won any), I do rely on them to keep my prized tech gadgetry safe. Here's my newest addition.

In May, I received an iPad Mini for my birthday. Naturally, this called for a cozy. After some searching, I settled on Pack & Smooch, a German manufacturer of industrial wool felt cozies for high-tech and home.

Note: I purchased these products at retail. I have no business affiliation with any of these companies. They are not aware I am writing about them, nor do I receive any financial compensation whatsoever from the companies. The Wool Channel is wholly supported by members. These are simply wool products that I'm excited about and want to share with you.

I needed a case that would accommodate not only the iPad but the portable keyboard I'd be using with it. Fortunately, Pack & Smooch provides detailed measurements for each of their cases. I picked a bigger case that worked perfectly.

It comes with a pencil sleeve and an inner pocket, all of which is kept secure by a generous flap with not one but two magnetic snaps. I appreciate that the inside part of the snap only touches the pocket and never comes into contact with the actual contents of the case, aka my beautiful and yet-unblemished iPad. Total cost before shipping, $92.38. (Shipping from Germany to the U.S. was just $12.31.)

While the company's offerings are decidedly pro-Apple, they do have a sleeve for the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet too. They also have non-tech accessories like placemats, coasters, desk pads, card cases, key fobs, cable organizers, a tote bag, and several other accessories you likely don't need but would love to have.

Still Looking?

Other companies make attractive wool felt cases and cozies too. There's Nedrelow and Graf Lantz, both of whom manufacture and operate out of California. Or consider Citysheep in Lithuania. Of course your wool-cozied gadgetry might appreciate being toted around in one of Julia Hilbrandt's gorgeous wool felt bags—which she makes from her studio in New York State. Foundation Flocker Molly F. also recommends Byrd & Belle, which I'll be checking out too.

The True Test

Worried about how wool felt withstands the slings and arrows of constant use? Below is the MacBook Air case that I bought from Nuacatrend in 2016. It has traveled the world with me for five years and is still going strong.


Clara Parkes

Wool is life. I make The Wool Channel go.