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Sheep in Motion

Clara Parkes
Clara Parkes
1 min read
Sheep in Motion

A hearty hello, and an extra welcome to those of you who've just joined us in the past week!

Claire's transhumance in Switzerland is now underway. While they're following their flock on foot, Israeli drone photographer Lior Patel has spent months following another flock by air. This week he shared a time-lapse video of their movements. Much to his surprise, it went viral.

"I'm shocked by how far this clip has made it," he wrote me. In fact he'd just gotten off the phone with the BBC when we messaged.

"I work as a drone photographer full time," he said, "but I pick specific personal projects for my own soul." He knew he wanted to work with sheep and asked his agricultural clients for recommendations. They connected him.

"I came for my first short visit and fell in love!" Which is abundantly clear in the video.

Not only is it mesmerizing to watch, but it beautifully demonstrates the ways in which sheep are, even within the smaller outlier clusters, always part of a bigger whole. It also shows what superheroes sheepdogs are.

Tap on the box below and enjoy!

Sheep in fast motion | AGRICULTURE
For the past seven months I have been following a large herd of sheep, from winter pasture to the movement and arrival at the summer pasture. The size of the herd ranges from 1000-1700 sheep

Clara Parkes

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