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From Divas to Escape Artists: A New Episode of Voices in Wool

Clara Parkes
Clara Parkes
2 min read

I put out a call for shepherds to share stories of their favorite sheep. And respond they did!

What's it like to live with sheep? Do they have personalities? And do shepherds have favorites? Of course most people know that the answer to all three questions is a resounding yes. But I wanted to know more.

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In this episode of Voices in Wool, we hear from nine shepherds and one daughter of a shepherd about their favorite sheep.

Stories run the gamut from a lamb who appeared off Broadway to an escape artist who likes to brag about it. We had the matriarch of the flock who enjoys a nightly stay in the barn Airbnb, and a patriarch who does a joyful jig every time food is brought near. One lamb even trained herself to use a makeshift litterbox.

These stories don't just show how remarkable and clever and fun sheep can be. They also reveal a lot about the people who live with them—about what kind of person dedicates his or her life to making sure that sheep have good lives too.

They provide irrefutable evidence that life is better when you share it with a sheep.

Enjoy the episode!

Voices, in order of their first appearance, are those of

• Siri Swanson, Yankee Rock Farm

• Sara Dunham, the Crazy Sheep Lady

• Rachel Atkinson, Daughter of a Shepherd

• Theresa Walker, Great Bay Wool Works at Liberty Hall Farm

• Kathy Oliver, Sweet Tree Hill Farm

• Jennifer Kouvant, Six Dutchess Farm

• Jennie Watkins, Ananda Hills Farm

• Schuyler Beeman, Arbor Farm

• Dominique Herman, Catskill Merino

A Few of the Star Sheep

Dominique Herman's beloved number 36 at Catskill Merino
Lila in her crate, photo by Sara Dunham, aka The Crazy Sheep Lady
Schuyler Beeman's diva Annie enjoys sunshine, snow, and a sweet treat at Arbor Farm.

Clara Parkes

Wool is life. I make The Wool Channel go.


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